2024 Wellness Practitioners

Enhance, deepen, and customize your conference experience with sessions provided by this year’s wellness practitioners.

Spiritual, life and executive coaching, trauma work, ministry services and ceremony consultation. yvonneandrewscoaching.net

Bill will be providing 30-minute Akashic Dowsing sessions, which will be followed by a complete write-up and interpretation sent to you via email. Each client is asked to come to a session with a specific focus or question they want answered about themselves that they would like to see changed or purified. vitalbioenergetics.com

Book a foot reflexology session for yourself and I can help you with any aches and pains you may be experiencing. Or perhaps for some self care, maybe you just are looking to get rid of some stress or just would like to experience relaxation. Your feet, body and mind will thank you! reflectionsofthesole.com

Help your body heal itself. In 45 minutes, experience calming and healing effects of Biomagnetism Therapy which creates an environment for your body to balance pH of your tissues. Suitable for all ages. A non-invasive, gentle , profound approach addressing pain, illnesses, allergies, digestion, anxiety, emotional balance, energetic balance and more. andarabalance.com

Holly is an internationally recognized psychic, medium, channel, author, speaker, intuitive teacher and artist. I create and provide a timeline drawing and recording of the session. A NO Tools reader. Accurate and informative. hollyedenmorrow.com

Dolly Ritchie is a native healer with a unique soul-focused approach that delivers powerful results. Dolly comes from a long line of indigenous people dedicated to serving their communities as healers. She lives this mission every day, with a passion for helping both people and pets.

Malcolm is a natural psychic medium with 45 years of experience. A Results Facilitator and Hypnotherapist. He is internationally known. 

I do energy work on clients and scan people to see what vitamins and minerals they need to optimize their health and wellbeing. I have had this gift of” second sight” since I was 8yrs old and have helped people worldwide ever since. I don’t sell anything other than my gift. I make suggestions on what is missing in their body and tell them where they might purchase them. thehealthmedium.com

Mary Catherine Volk is a best-selling Author, Medium, Life Coach and Speaker. She serves as an ambassador between the worlds. Her sessions bring inspiration, empowerment and love to her clients. She is the author of two books; Believe In Forever- How to Recognize Signs from Departed Loved Ones and and Trust It! You Have the Power Within You. As a shamanic practitioner, she founded a specialized modality for releasing emotional blockages and empowering her clients to make life choices that align with their soul purpose. marycatherinevolk.com

Nurse, Minister, Reike Master, licenced Hypnotherapist with 40 years of healing experience.

Soul Clearing which removes blocks that prevent your souls progress, wellness check using kinesiology. Can usually fix bad backs neck or knee problems in one visit.