The Foundation Course in Dowsing

An ancient technique to determine your truth

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Your instructors will share their knowledge of the art and science of dowsing so that you can fully participate in this ancient means of knowing. Many of us dowse to find lost objects, keys, pets, and other personal items. Some of us are also called upon to dowse for water, oil, and minerals. We use dowsing to get answers to “yes and no” questions, to help us navigate our future and to make decisions.

The goal of this class is for you to learn the “Foundation” of dowsing and give you the hands on practice you need so that dowsing becomes a part of you.

Course materials will be included. Your kit will include: pendulum, Y-Rod, L-Rod, Bobber, and the Foundation Course Manual (which contains a wealth of information about dowsing).

You will learn how to:
– Use the four basic dowsing tools included in your kit
– Properly prepare yourself to dowse
– Ask valid questions to receive answers

You will be coached by seasoned dowsers in small groups and given individualized attention. We will answer your questions, share a few dowsing stories, laughs, and experiences.  

At the end of a fun and fast paced learning day when the course is completed, you will have the skills, knowledge, basic tools, and confidence you will need to continue your dowsing journey and further studies.

You will receive your certificate as a reminder of your achievements.

School Instructors:
Joan Reid, Leroy Bull, Tick Gaudreau, Richard Roy

Joan Reid, CHT is an artist, teacher, energy worker, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/teacher, Hawaiian Energetics practitioner, and life member of ASD. She has been a dowser most of her life. For more than 30 years she has been an integral part of ASD as an instructor, speaker, and a director for the ASD Basic Foundation School at the annual conventions. Joan taught art in NYS public schools and helped her students be aware of dowsing and energy work. She was awarded 2017 Educator of the year and is currently the President of the Mohawk-Hudson Dowsers Chapter. She also maintains an office seeing clients, and teaches classes in meditation, art, dowsing, journeying, dream work, Reiki, Hawaiian Energetics, and connecting with your inner voice through Art. Joan builds labyrinths and is a beekeeper living in northern New York.

Leroy Bull is an international master dowser, author, prior president of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) and the international coordinator for the ASD. He has been dowsing for over 60 years. He has successfully dowsed over 3,00 water wells. His dowsing work also includes thousands of earth-energies projects, map dowsings, vein diversions, mineral dowsing, lost people/pets/items and assorted specialty requests.

Tick Gaudreau has been a Dowser for over 50 years. He wrote two books, Spirit Rescue: A Dowser’s Ghostly Encounters and The Care and Treatment of Wild Energies, both widely read by the Dowsing community. He has taught dowsing for over 25 years, starting with his local ASD chapter and at the annual convention for about 20 years with a few missed years here and there. He considers his specialties to be spirit rescue and working with non-beneficial energies. He has also studied and is practicing to use dowsing for soul retrieval. He can be reached at