2024 Conference Vendors

We have an incredible line up of vendors for this year’s conference.

Spiritual Spine Straightening (SSS) is not a healing treatment in the medical sense, but is a spiritual process that is unique in the world. SSS is performed without touch and manipulation of the skeleton, and is done solely by the power of the intelligent mind. SSS is performed once in a life time, and the results are visible immediately! Andrea, who is the sole Spiritual Spine Straightening Practitioner in the United States, will have SSS books for sale, which elaborate in detail what this modality is all about. In addition, powerful healing cards will be available for purchase. These cards have been studied in Germany for their amazing healing ability. Andrea is excited to reveal how to use the cards for their highest healing power during the Convention.


Marty Lucas offers a full line of radionic instruments and energy tools.


Tachyon is a field of consciousness made up of subatomic particles that travel faster than light. Tachyon’s job is to balance and harmonize imbalanced energies by working directly with your DNA to repair and upgrade your body’s template as well as neutralize harmful EMFs. 


An award-winning designer, published author and speaker, versatile artist, and spiritual channel, Rosanne’s ancestral heritage melds Blackfoot, Wolastoqiyik, and Mi’kmaq descent, with French Canadian and Italian. She bridges cultures and artistic mediums with a unique ability to tap into the unseen world. Rosanne creates fine art paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and clothing designs. The messages from her ancestors speak through her and her work and are meant to open hearts and reconnect us to mother earth. She is the owner and artist of FOUR WINDS ONE BREATH. Her book Journey of a Red Soul published under the pen name Marie Dion. 

Ke Ala Kahiko is a center for healing, education, and spiritual growth, rooted in the most ancient traditions of Hawaii. We offer formal training in healing and spiritual arts of Hawaii’s Medical Kahuna, as passed down through generations of a native Hawaiian family. Our healing specialty works with the Elemental Forces to reestablish harmony for complete physical, energetic, and spiritual wellness. We also teach Traditional Ho’oponopono (art of forgiveness and spiritual cleansing) as practiced for 2,000 years on the Island of Molokai. Come learn about upcoming classes and private healing sessions and shop for original art prints and books.


Unveil the haunting tale of “Spirits of Amoskeag.” In the 1800s Manchester mill-yard, young workers suffered tragedy. Now, their voices echo through time, seeking to share their untold story. Purchase your copy today and delve into history’s secrets. Discover the profound foresight of the “Chronicles of Hope” series! Embark on a journey brimming with timeless wisdom. Crafted eight years ago, their relevance resonates deeper today. Enlightened Guides offer invaluable guidance, urging action amidst our world’s challenges. Join this empowering journey of enlightenment we are honored to share. Embrace wisdom that demands our collective effort. Let’s shape a brighter future together.


Pendulums, Energy Devices, Nutritional Supplements, EMF Protection Devices, Healing Tools


Magnetic jewelry used on acupuncture points.


Free BMG demonstrations will be offered at our booth. BioMorphic Geometry™ tools/products are based on the subtle energy principles of creating resonant energy healing frequencies through form, space, numbers, and exact geometric proportions. BMG™ numeric algorithms bypass the brain for physical and emotional healing. BMG™ Energy Healing Designs enable a person to experience a shift within his or her conscious mind, unconscious mind, and body. This happens because our bodies – all the way down to the level of our DNA – can “read” and respond to the energy frequencies created by the BMG Energy Healing Cards and images.


Darlene makes hand crafted wire wrapped crystal jewelry, rings, drums, pendulums, orgonite, tree of life trees, crystal healing wands, bone products, feather smudge fans and she also has a beautiful collection of crystals including the Andaras. Her products are all infused with her high vibe energy. You’re not just purchasing one of Darlene’s products. You’re purchasing a piece of her heart, as she hand crafts each and every piece.  themultifacetedshaman.com

50 Advanced Dowsing Workbooks available with hundreds of charts and detailed methods for personal discovery. Learn to dowse Akasha, Dimensions, Times, Worlds and Octaves of Beingness. These books offer beginner levels to super advanced and can be easily read and applied with practice by the “APT” student…What is A.P.T.? 1) Which AURA? 2) What PROBLEM and 3) What TO DO? From personal questions to Galactic issues, “APT” will guide you safely. Vendor offers Introductory Topic Booklets which include overviews of the dowsing methods. Demonstrations will be given, as well as brief readings and questions answered. Seek the Grail.


Come visit the SPACE (Spiritual, Practical, Artistic, Creative Education) Booth to find out more about PEMF,- Tesla-, and Conscious-Technologies, as well as a number of herbal remedies, salves, and tinctures. Additionally, Ancient Earth jewelry and other items made with love!


Align with your Soul Purpose

  • 30 minute session with Dr. Barbara Stone addressing the questions “Who am I and why am I here?” by using dowsing to trace components of one’s soul affinity, including resonance to other Star Civilizations, identifying the planetary or dimensional origin of the soul, and exploring the purpose of this incarnation.
  • 45 min. Soul Detective session with Robert Alcorn, MD Books: Star Civilizations 101 and Transforming Fear into Gold by Dr. Stone and Healing Stories by Dr. Alcorn Radiant Life Card Decks, dowsing tools, indigo gabbro products, and crystals


LED devices for pain and anti aging


Turific Solutions LLC offers radionic reagents, and programed Tesla coil energy pumps.